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Three important safety tips for pedestrians

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2018 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Whether it’s the Art Walk, the vibrant farmer’s market, or the myriad shops and restaurants, Anaheim is one of Orange County’s most walkable cities. Walking is a healthy, environmentally friendly way of getting around town. Unfortunately, when the number of pedestrians in a given area rises, the number of pedestrian-related traffic accidents also tends to follow a parallel upward trajectory.

There can be many causes of pedestrian collisions with motor vehicles, including drunk driving, distracted driving and driving in weather conditions where visibility is compromised. Nonetheless, pedestrians can also play a contributing role in an accident. Today we provide a few tips to help keep pedestrians safe on the road:

  • Look ahead. Nowadays, no one goes anywhere without their phone. However, walking down the street with your eyes glued to your screen is dangerous. Watch where you’re going, and stay vigilant at crosswalks. Don’t assume that a driver will stop for you just because you have the right of way.
  • Stay unplugged. Many people don’t realize that walking down the street while listening to music is also risky behavior. Take your ear buds out so that you’ll be able to hear any auditory warnings, such as a honking horn, screeching tires or an ambulance siren.
  • Don’t blend into the background. If you’re walking at night, avoid dark colors that would be difficult for a driver to see. Wear clothing that is light colored or reflective.

Walking is a wonderful way to explore a city. Taking steps to enhance your safety on the road can spare you from unnecessary tragedy.