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Learning how to drive safely on California highways

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Operation Safe Driver Week will take place from July 15 through July 21, 2018. During the week, law enforcement officers from different states will join California’s officials in an attempt to identify unsafe driving habits. The alliance will study the habitual practices of truck drivers and drivers of passenger vehicles.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, truck drivers displaying unsafe driving habits cause approximately 90 percent of crashes occurring with passenger vehicles. Officials plan to look for drivers who are breaking the speed limit, driving without seat belts, texting while driving and disobeying common traffic regulations. The purpose is to prevent a future truck accident from taking place on any highway.

During the previous year, Operation Safe Driver Week’s enforcement officials documented approximately 39,000 written citations and verbal warnings given to drivers of commercial vehicles. Most of these citations were caused by moving violations. Other citations included breaking the speed limit and using cellphones while driving. The main purpose of Operation Safe Driver Week is to offer guidance to drivers about how they can drive their vehicles in a safe way. During the week, drivers will receive detailed information including instructions for improving their driving techniques.

An accident victim suffering from injuries caused by a negligent truck driver may wish to contact a personal injury lawyer for advice. Filing timely claims may help victims receive settlements in the form of monetary compensation. Victims retain their legal rights to file lawsuits up to the time when the California statute of limitations expires. A consultation with a lawyer may help victims understand their rights and what legal options are available to them.