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Categories of causes for semitruck crashes

On Behalf of | May 20, 2019 | Truck Accidents |

Semitruck crashes can cause catastrophic injuries that might affect the victims forever. Some accidents are more likely to cause these serious injuries. Factors like high speeds and the location of the impact play a role in how the victim is affected.

There are many different reasons why these crashes occur. Determining the cause of the wreck is imperative for the individuals who are seeking compensation, so they know whom to name as a defendant.

Maintenance, loading and securement

Keeping the semitruck in good working order is a priority. All equipment must be ready to handle the stress of being under a full load. Defective components, improper installation and failing to repair or replace parts that are worn can all lead to problems that cause a wreck. If the installation or maintenance aren’t up to par, critical components can fail in a way that causes a crash. For example, if the brakes don’t work properly, the truck can’t stop like it should. Items that aren’t properly secured can come loose or shift, which can cause incidents.

Errors by truckers

Truckers have to operate the rig safely at all times. This means they need to be well rested and paying attention to everything around the truck. Following the speed limit and making sure there is ample room to execute turns are also important.

Another vital point for truckers is to ensure they are taking breaks as required by law. All truckers must comply with hours of service regulations that dictate the maximum hours they can drive before taking time off that has to meet specific minimum time limits. Unfortunately, pressures from trucking companies sometimes lead truckers to try to skirt around these regulations.

Actions of other drivers

Other drivers can be the root cause of a crash. This is often the case when they dart in front of a semitruck and the trucker has to try to evade the crash. A vehicle in the blind spot of the cab might be struck if the trucker switches lanes. Even if the trucker is remaining in the same lane, an accident can occur if a car stops or slows suddenly while it is in the blind spot that spans in front of the semitruck.

Putting your claim together in California

The defendants you name in the case depend on the cause of the big rig wreck. If the issue is a defective component, the manufacturer might be liable. If the securement or a driver error is the reason for the wreck, the trucker and trucking company might be named as defendants.