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Distracted driving continues to endanger Californians

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2020 | Car Accidents |

When a resident of Anaheim or of the greater Los Angeles area thinks of distracted driving, their thoughts may instantly turn to cell phones.

Indeed, texting and driving, or even just talking on one’s phone while trying to pay attention to the road, is extremely dangerous behavior.

The number of people killed or seriously injured because of this type of distracted driving each year remains unacceptably high.

It’s no surprise when one realizes exactly how long that quick text that they really want to send take their eyes off the road and hands off the wheel.

In the five or so seconds it takes for a driver to complete a text message, the driver’s vehicle can travel the length of a football field at highway speeds.

Moreover, people have been reluctant to put their phones down, despite most states, including California, passing laws against this form of distracted driving.

Young drivers tend in particular find it hard to resist the temptation to drive distracted, with almost 3 out of 4 drivers in their late teens saying that they have sent or received texts while trying to drive.

Not surprisingly, a disproportionate share of crashes related to distracted driving also involve young people.

California is, fortunately, not one of the worst states when it comes to texting and driving. That being said, more work needs to be done to educate drivers, particularly the state’s newest drivers, about how important it is to put phones down and focus on the road.

Moreover, it is also important to remember that distracted driving includes a number of other behaviors.  For instance, reading one’s GPS, tuning the radio, or even just eating, drinking or talking can create a significant distraction.

Distracted drivers who cause car accidents can be held financially accountable for the losses they cause their victims.