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YouTube stars hit on bikes by driver fleeing police

On Behalf of | May 28, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Motorists do not only encounter other motor vehicles while they are traveling on the road. Drivers in California and elsewhere are likely to travel by cyclists and pedestrians as well. Thus, driving safely does not only mean to be aware of the other vehicles on the roadway but also those traveling by foot and bicycle. Unfortunately, negligent and distracted drivers are everywhere, and when they fail to operate their motor vehicle safely, this could result in a serious collision.

Based on recent reports, a shocking hit-and-run accident involved a couple that are YouTube stars. The two had been biking on a trail that had other cyclists and pedestrians on it when, as they described it, a car came flying towards them. One even said it appeared as though the driver was trying to hit them on purpose because they were supposedly driving erratically and then swerved towards them. He continued, stating that he attempted to move out of the way but the driver appeared to follow them to hit them.

The vehicle collided with the YouTubers at a high rate of speed and fled the scene. It was purported that the driver was part of a burglary and was attempting to flee from the cops. Furthermore, it was believed that the driver hit them on purpose to divert the cops’ attention away from him in his pursuit to evade them.

Both victims survived the crash, suffering injuries to their legs. Their injuries required surgeries, and they are expected to be able to walk again when healed. No additional information has been reported about the driver that hit them and whether he has been located or charged as a result of the crash.

A serious accident could significantly change the lives of those harmed in the crash. Beyond the injuries suffered, a victim may be also dealing with emotional and mental trauma from the incident itself. This alone can make the healing process a lengthy one. Holding a negligent driver accountable through a personal injury action may be a beneficial step to take, as it could provide answers and some closure. Additionally, it could help a victim address the losses and damages caused by the crash, which could help them move forward from the shocking event.