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The consequences of suffering “whiplash” in a car accident

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2020 | Car Accidents |

When California residents are involved in car accidents, any number of injuries might occur. The potential injuries can be as serious as brain or spinal cord injuries, or even broken bones and internal injuries. There is, however, one injury that is probably most closely associated with car accidents: “whiplash.”

People suffer whiplash injuries when their heads are forcefully “whipped” back and forth. Typically, these types of injuries can be seen when a rear-end car collision occurs. There is little a person can do to prevent this type of injury in such a collision. In the most fortunate instances of this type of injury occurring, the victim may recover from the pain and stiffness caused by the injury within a few weeks. However, severe instances of whiplash injuries can be much more difficult to overcome.

In the most severe instances of whiplash injuries, victims may never be able to recover the full range of motion in their necks, even despite physical therapy and rehabilitation. Whiplash injuries can also result in dizziness, fatigue and even blurred vision, among many other potential symptoms of the injury. A whiplash injury can even lead to changes in a person’s demeanor, causing irritability and depression for some car accident victims.

California residents who have been involved in a car accident that has left them dealing with the effects of a whiplash injury may have legal options. A potential personal injury lawsuit may lead to the recovery of financial compensation that can be used to cover unexpected medical expenses, among other costs that are commonly associated with motor vehicle accidents.