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Visual Recognition Can Contribute to Motorcycle Accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycles are not uncommon vehicles to see on Southern California roads, but that does not mean that drivers are always prepared to encounter them. Unlike cars, SUVs, and trucks, which can be large and easy to spot, motorcycles are relatively small and can cut through traffic with ease. Before a driver even knows a motorcycle is near, the rider and motorcycle may have passed them.

Many motorcycle accidents in the United States are caused by a related phenomenon: visual recognition. It can be difficult for drivers to have visual recognition of motorcycles, and their inability to pick motorcycles out on the road can create dangerous and even deadly collisions. This informative post should not be read as legal advice, and readers can talk to their personal injury attorneys about possible claims related to their own motorcycle accidents.

What is Visual Recognition?

There are objects that drivers commonly see on the road, such as other cars, big trucks, and even road signs. Drivers may expect to see these and other common large objects, but they may struggle to pick small objects out when they are near. For example, drivers may not expect to see pedestrians in roads out of crosswalks and may not be prepared to see motorcycles around them. Small objects like motorcycles blend in with their surroundings and can become blocked by larger vehicles, making them difficult to visually recognize by drivers.

How Can Motorcycles Become Obscured on the Road?

It does not take much to block a motorcycle from a driver’s view. A delivery vehicle, bad weather, or even road construction can prevent a driver from seeing an approaching motorcycle. The motorcycle’s small profile and relatively uncommon form can make it tough for drivers to identify.

However difficult it may be to spot a motorcycle, though, drivers are responsible for being aware of their surroundings and their driving actions. When a driver negligently hits a motorcycle and its rider, that driver may be liable for their victim’s losses. An attorney can advise their client on how best to approach their legal options after they have been involved in a motorcycle collision.