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What are common reasons for truck accidents?

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

You were in an accident with a truck driver and feel you may have a case on your hands. To improve your chances of receiving maximum compensation, you want to determine how the accident happened.

GTG Technology Group explains common reasons for trucking accidents. See if any of the following may apply to your circumstances.

Inferior vehicle maintenance

Commercial trucks undergo considerable wear and tear over the years, making it essential for trucking companies to keep up with routine maintenance. Poorly maintained trucks put motorists and truck drivers at risk of experiencing equipment failures that may cause avoidable accidents. Examples of equipment failure include cracked windshields and worn-out brake pads.

Driver mistake

Truck drivers who use illicit substances, consume alcohol, drive distracted or disobey traffic laws pose a risk to others on California’s roads. While most trucking accidents happen because of motor vehicle drivers rather than truck drivers, you may have a unique situation.

Equipment failure

Proper vehicle maintenance and attentive truck drivers cannot always prevent trucking equipment failure, which may trigger an accident. Defective truck parts may be the reason for your collision. If this is the case, rather than the truck driver and trucking company, you may also have a case against the defective part manufacturer, the mechanic or parts installer, the company that manufactured the truck and the company that originally sold the truck.

Unsafe loading

Industry rules apply to loading trucks according to cargo width, weight, size and height. Improper loading or poor loading technique may cause unsecured cargo to fly off the truck, becoming a hazard for other vehicles on the road.