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3 factors that influence an accident case

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Motor vehicle accidents can be complex, with many different factors influencing the amount you can recover, the strategy you should employ and the possible outcome.

You should not necessarily dismiss your accident claim because you do not feel it is big enough to pursue. Cases that seem small may have more value than you realize. Consider the following factors in context with one another.

1. Seriousness of the injury

There is obvious value in pursuing the case of an accident that involved a life-changing catastrophic injury. However, even a case that seems relatively minor can still be very expensive. For example, a simple fracture of the arm can cost thousands of dollars to treat and keep you out of work for a while.

Furthermore, delayed symptoms are very common after an accident. An injury that seems minor at first may turn out to be more serious than you realized.

2. Fault for the accident

California is a pure comparative negligence state. This means that you can pursue damages for injuries that you sustained in the accident even if you were partly at fault for it. In other words, if you were 75% responsible for the accident and the other driver was 25% responsible, you still have the right to pursue damages for the 25%.

3. Amount your case is worth

You should know how much you stand to recover from your case. This can help you determine whether the possible benefit justifies the cost involved. However, you should get an objective evaluation of your case. Do not rely on the insurance company’s assessment because it has an interest in underestimating the value of your claim.

Do not put too much emphasis on the value of your case. It is only one of many factors that determine its viability.