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What dangers are motorcyclists most likely to face?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcyclists like you understand that you face more danger than most other motor vehicles on the road. With your small size, you are hard to spot. You lack the protection of covered vehicles, too.

Thus, to stay safe, it is crucial that you understand where the biggest risks exist.

Terrain risks

MotorBiscuit looks at the top dangers motorcyclists face on the road. Some involve the state of the road itself. You want to keep an eye out for inclement weather and gravel, especially in areas where proper safety signs are not posted. This can also include construction zones with sudden changes. These sites must have cautionary signs for motorcyclists, but do not always have them.

Risks posed by other drivers

Most of the dangers come from other drivers, though. These drivers do not even have to be in motion, as a top danger involves drivers opening car doors into traffic. Cars often have trouble spotting motorcyclists on the road. Some of the biggest risks come when drivers change lanes or make turns. If you are in their blind spot or they do not notice you, you can easily end up hit.

Other dangers include oncoming traffic and cars behind you. A driver only needs to clip you to cause some serious damage. This may easily happen if a distracted or drowsy driver ends up drifting into your lane. Likewise, cars coming up behind you may not notice you. Without a bumper or crumple zone, you can easily end up knocked off your bike and into traffic.

If you suffered from injury during a crash as a motorcyclist, consider contacting a legal professional. They can help you navigate the aftermath.