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Anaheim collision leaves three dead

On Behalf of | May 11, 2021 | Car Accidents, Injuries |

Most people in California do not anticipate experiencing a car accident. That said, many understand what the expectation is if and when one occurs. Anyone involved should remain at the scene in order to render aid (if needed), speak with law enforcement authorities and exchange insurance information with the other parties.

This is especially true of the driver that causes an accident. Even though the prospect of being the target of some embarrassment or anger exists, the driver must still face the aftermath of the collision in order to avoid compounding any potential difficulties coming their way.

Three dead following collision in Anaheim

According to the Los Angeles Times, that basic expectation was not met following an accident that recently occurred in Anaheim. Local authorities believe speed was a factor in a collision between a Mercedes and a Kia SUV that left debris scattered across hundreds of feet along the street. The women traveling in the Mercedes fled the scene following the collision; officials later found them at a local hospital (with one requiring surgery for her injuries). While authorities did not release which of the women drove the vehicle, both may face criminal charges (including vehicular manslaughter, as the three occupants of the Kia SUV died in the collision.

Civil action alongside a criminal prosecution

In scenarios such as that described above, many might assume that accident victims must wait to seek liability claims while authorities prosecute the criminal cases against the responsible parties. Yet that is not the case. Recognizing the need that such victims may have for compensation, legal officials allow civil and criminal cases (specifically related to the same matter) to occur concurrently.