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What vehicle safety features save the most lives?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2021 | Car Accidents, Injuries |

Automakers load their vehicles with many safety features these days. What started as only simple devices and tools has evolved into a huge industry of technology.

You may wonder how beneficial these many safety features are and which ones truly are worth it.

Basic equipment

The very basic safety equipment in a vehicle includes seatbelts and airbags. According to the Insurance Information Institute, on its own, a seatbelt can greatly reduce your risk of dying in a car accident by about 45%. Airbags enhance the protection by lowering the risk of dying by an additional 11%.

Advanced features

Many vehicles now have advanced features designed to improve your safety when driving. One example is electronic stability control. This is a requirement on all vehicles starting in 2012. It helps to stabilize your vehicle and stop rollover accidents. It controls the power and braking. From 2011 to 2015, ESC has been responsible for saving over 7,000 people in accidents.

Other safety devices

There are other safety devices you may use in a vehicle that do not come with your car but that you add on. The most common example is a child safety seat. The law requires children to use these seats because they save lives.

Traditional seatbelts and airbags have a design suited to adult bodies. They do not work effectively and can even be harmful to children. A car seat or booster seat enables a child to have a safety device custom-fitted to his or her small body.

Safety in vehicles is essential. Auto accidents result in high numbers of fatalities and serious injuries each year, but with proper use of safety devices and features, those numbers can go down.