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What makes trucks dangerous?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

A collision with a large truck in California may result in serious or fatal injuries to you and your passengers. Because of their sheer size and weight, commercial vehicles pose a unique threat to nearby motorists if something goes awry.

Knowing how to safely drive around a large truck and which behaviors to avoid can help you protect yourself and those you care about.

Stay clear of blind spots

Trucks have much larger blind spots than smaller passenger cars. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, blind spots exist on all four sides of a truck. Most of these hard-to-see areas span a significant distance making it hard for a truck driver to see your vehicle. For example, if you travel alongside a truck, the driver may not see the entire length of the trailer in the side mirror.

If you need to pass a truck, try to do so behind the vehicle. If traffic prevents you from moving away from a truck, try to get over to the next lane or to the front or back of the truck as soon as possible.

Allow plenty of room

Unlike a small car, a large truck requires a lot more power to slow and maneuver. As such, merging vehicles or sudden changes to traffic patterns may not leave a truck driver enough time to respond. While you hope that truck drivers pay attention to their surroundings, you can increase your safety when you allow plenty of room between you and a large commercial vehicle.

If you pull in front of a truck, make sure you have ample room to make your maneuver without cutting off the truck. If a truck accident has created ongoing trauma or pain, you may consider legal action especially if the truck driver was at fault.