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Can you fracture your skull with a helmet?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2021 | Injuries, Motorcycle Accidents |

As a motorcyclist, you understand the importance of protecting yourself when you hit the road. After all, you do not have the safe exterior of a car to help keep you contained if you end up in a crash.

But just how much protection does a helmet really provide? Can it ensure your full safety, or will you always have a risk of something going wrong even when you do everything right?

Fractures in spite of safety gear

Merck Manual goes into detail regarding the severity of skull fractures. It is important to understand how large the impact to your health is in order to know the full threat you deal with. It is also important to understand how fractures can occur even if you wear your helmet.

In other words: yes, you can still fracture your skull even if you wear a helmet. This all depends on the amount of force behind the concussive hit and where it strikes your head. Some parts of the skull have a higher susceptibility to fractures and breaks, and it is possible to suffer from bruising to the brain tissue even if the bone itself stays intact.

A reduction in fatalities

That is not to say you should eschew wearing one entirely, though. Wearing a helmet can still drastically reduce your chances of suffering from injury and especially fatalities. One study posited that you reduce your chances of facing a fatal accident by up to 65 percent as a motorcyclist if you wear your helmet.

Of course, it is crucial to understand signs of skull fractures and other damages if you end up facing them. Immediate medical attention is the only way to prevent long-term damage.