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What are hours of service?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

Hours of service regulations help to keep everyone on the roads safer. They dictate time limits and schedule requirements for truck drivers to ensure they are not driving while tired or suffering from overworking.

American Trucker explains that sometimes the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will change the guidelines or make adjustments so the hours of service continue to be beneficial without being too restrictive. The regulations cover how long in one day a driver can be behind the wheel and mandatory breaks, along with some other provisions.

Hour restrictions

The hour restrictions help to ensure that you have time in between work hours that you can rest and relax before hitting the road again. The mandatory breaks ensure that you are out of your truck and off the road for a minimum of time.

Some people complain because the hours are strict. It can be tough to ensure you are not going over the allowed hours, but the ultimate goal is to keep you and others on the road safe. You are not at your best if you drive too long and become tired or worn out.


At the same time, the government realizes that there are situations where they must provide exceptions. For example, short-haul truckers do not have the same rules because they are not traveling over long distances and usually will have time off more often than long-haul truckers.

A great example is the adverse weather exception. It lengthens the hours you can drive so you do not feel forced to drive too fast or make other choices that could lead to an accident due to bad road conditions.

The hours of service requirements may seem restrictive and be an annoyance, but the bottom line is they are in place to help save lives.