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Know how to treat an avulsion injury after a serious accident

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Being involved in a motorcycle accident in California can lead to different injuries due to your exposure to the environment. If you’ve had this type of wreck and suffered an avulsion, it can be frustrating and challenging to treat. Understanding more about this traumatic injury is essential if you want the best outcome possible.

What is an avulsion?

One of the risks of riding a motorcycle is your body’s exposure to outside elements. If you get into a motorcycle accident, injuries can be more severe than if you were inside of a car. Suffering an avulsion is one example. It involves all your skin layers, resulting in complete detachment from your body. It can also affect tendons, ligaments, bones and cartilage. Experiencing this injury will likely cause severe pain and bleeding and could result in nerve damage.

Different types of avulsion injuries

Suffering an avulsion can come in different forms. If the section of avulsed tissue is completely gone, it’s usually treated as a burn. If some of the tissue is available, it might be repaired. Degloving is a form of avulsion involving all the layers of skin wrapping around one of your extremities. This type of avulsion injury often occurs with feet, fingers or hands and may happen if a ring on your finger catches something during an accident.

Seeking immediate medical care is vital

If you or a loved one experiences an avulsion injury, it’s vital to seek medical attention quickly. Visiting an urgent care clinic or emergency room is usually the best way to handle this matter. After it’s just occurred, it’s important to control bleeding with direct pressure and elevation. Holding a clean cloth or dressing against an avulsion or degloving injury is best as this will help trap blood and promote clotting.

Understanding the nuances of an avulsion injury can help you become better prepared to handle it correctly.