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California tries Vision Zero to reduce car accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2022 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Pedestrians may suffer severe injuries if hit by a car while running errands, shopping, or performing tasks. Traveling by foot doesn’t afford the same protections as driving inside a vehicle or sitting on a bus. The human body absorbs the brunt of the impact and cannot rely on a vehicle’s frame for protection. Lawmakers in California explored strategies intended to reduce injuries, but there’s only so much legislation can do.

The Vision Zero approaches

Vision Zero refers to a program seeking to reduce traffic fatalities dramatically. As the name implies, the concept’s primary goal is to reduce traffic deaths to zero.

Los Angeles first put the program in place in 2015. Several elements of Vision Zero address problems with some of the city’s most dangerous streets. Enhancing bike lanes and crosswalks and removing traffic lanes are some ways the program hopes to curtail fatalities.

The number of fatalities is exceptionally high. In 2021, 132 pedestrians died in traffic accidents. The overall total traffic accident deaths were 294, a tragic figure. Negligence often factors into these crashes and fatalities.

Negligence and pedestrian fatalities

Moving violations often precede traffic accidents. Impatient and irresponsible drivers may press down on the gas pedal and quickly hit an unsafe speed. Others will speed up the cut through red lights, not wanting to sit waiting at the corner. Such behaviors may lead to otherwise avoidable pedestrian accidents.

Reckless, distracted, and intoxicated driving could leave someone facing a liability lawsuit after a crash. Victims may seek compensation for injuries, property damage, and even the death of a loved one. An insurance claim could result in a settlement that covers the losses, but a lawsuit may also be worth pursuing.