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Pedestrian accidents in California: Where do they happen most?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2022 | Pedestrian Accidents |

With so many people living in California, it’s no surprise that pedestrian accidents happen quite often. There are relatively safer areas for pedestrians, while others are prone to accidents. Let’s look at such places and what you can do if you are ever injured.

Pedestrian accidents in California

A recent report found that one in six pedestrians died from road accidents. Additionally, more than 104,000 people admitted to the emergency department were from pedestrian accidents. That’s the second-highest percentage in the nation.

So, where do most pedestrian accidents occur in California?

Most pedestrian accidents occur in busy cities and towns in California. Urban settings are prone because of the heavy traffic. Besides, there are also more opportunities for distracted drivers and pedestrians.

Open roads in California are also dangerous for pedestrians. These roads are designed for high speeds and often have little to no shoulder. Most accidents occur at intersections where a driver may not see a pedestrian crossing, or they may be turning too fast, skidding off the road.

Urban settings, open roads and intersections are made much parlous under dark lighting conditions or bad weather. Even if a driver is good at spotting pedestrians, they may not have time to brake.

What you can do if you are hurt in a pedestrian accident

If you are involved in a pedestrian accident, even if you feel okay, you should visit a doctor. Some injuries, especially concussions and those involving internal organs, may not show symptoms until days or weeks after the accident.

Next, given that California is a fault accident state, you can file a lawsuit against the driver responsible for the accident. The doctor’s report from your treatment will be among the evidence you’ll need to file a claim. Other include police reports, photos of the accident scene and eyewitness statements.

Most people don’t realize how dangerous it is to be a pedestrian until they are involved in an accident. Hopefully, you can avoid becoming another statistic by understanding where most accidents happen and what to do if you’re hurt.