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The complex nature of truck crash litigation

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Tractor-trailer and other commercial vehicle drivers often possess years of experience and training. However, they could make mistakes or errors in judgment behind the wheel that put other people in harm’s way. In a state as large as California, an untold number of commercial trucks travel on the many highways and streets, sometimes causing accidents. These accidents may lead to civil litigation that could require some time to conclude.

Serious accidents involving oversized trucks

Victims could suffer severe injuries when a large truck becomes involved in an accident. Several tons of moving parts and steel may inflict enormous harm, often crushing a vehicle and those inside of it. Tragically, many truck crashes lead to wrongful death or catastrophic injury claims.

Truck collisions may involve several vehicles and more than one victim. The subsequent investigation might involve dealing with those victims and all their related medical records. Interviewing several witnesses might be necessary, and there could be a significant amount of medical records to review. Such steps may make the legal proceedings take longer than a rear-end collision between two cars.

Negligence and addressing civil matters

Filing a personal injury lawsuit after a trucking accident means seeking compensation for victims. Persons left with massive medical bills and question marks about when they can return to work might suffer from financial stress. These victims may worry about the time it could take to reach an insurance settlement from the liable parties.

Negotiations for an insurance or lawsuit settlement may take time. A common tactic among insurance companies and the defendant’s representatives involves negotiating for a low amount. Reaching a fairer or more substantial settlement might take longer than accepting the first offer.