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Three major mistakes to avoid after a motorcycle accident

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents |

With so many people living in and visiting California, you’ll typically see a lot of vehicles on this state’s roads. If you get into an accident on your motorcycle, you probably know the general steps to take. But what should you not do after a motorcycle crash? Here’s what not to do after a motorcycle accident takes place.

Never stand around the crash site

One of the most common post-collision mistakes people make involves where they stand. It’s understandable to be in shock after a motorcycle accident occurs. However, you’ll want to immediately get away from the accident site if possible. Staying around the crash site is dangerous, especially on busy roads.

Avoid admitting fault

It’s not uncommon for emotions to run high after an accident. But, whether it’s true or not, don’t let these emotions get you to start confessing anything. Even if you’re at fault for this accident, the other party can work to prove it. Another problem associated with admitting fault is that it might not be true. Accidents are shocking events, which makes it easy for people to falsely recall how things happened.

Don’t accept initial offers

After motorcycle accidents happen, each party reports these incidents to their respective insurance providers. This can lead to the other party’s insurance company contacting you to make an offer. Before you accept this initial offer, run it by a qualified professional. Accepting the first offer can leave lots of money on the table.

To wrap things up, there are a few important mistakes to avoid making after a motorcycle accident takes place. Making the previously mentioned mistakes could jeopardize your safety and your financial future.