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Truck driver fatigue risks

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Truck accidents happen in California for many reasons. Sometimes, fatigue plays a role, and driving while too tired to operate a semi-truck could increase the chances of a multi-car collision.

Driving while too fatigued

Reasons exist why state and federal law mandate truck drivers take breaks after driving a specific number of hours on the road. These statutes intend to address problems related to excessive tiredness from working too many hours. Drivers and employers who violate the regulation could be liable for injuries that result from an accident since the violation might rise to an act of negligence.

However, a driver could still be too tired to drive even when following the rules regarding breaks. A driver working several weeks without sufficient time off may succumb to fatigue and burnout. Working split shifts on the road may cause problems as well.

These problems are serious because a fatigued driver might not fully perceive road conditions. Lack of concentration and perception might contribute to accidents, as truck drivers must be able to react quickly when the time comes to a stop. Remember, these vehicles require a significant distance to stop when traveling 65 mph.

Other factors that may cause fatigue

Drivers may find themselves legally liable for injuries and property damage, regardless of the cause of fatigue. So, someone dealing with an illness that causes fatigue might be reckless when deciding to drive and cause big rig accidents.

Medications that cause drowsiness usually display label warnings not to drive or operate heavy machinery. Those who ignore these recommendations could also be liable for any harm they inflict.

Accidents may cause personal injuries and financial losses. An insurance claim could provide an option for those seeking compensation. Others might explore the possibility of filing a lawsuit.