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What are the most common types of motorcycle accidents?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycles are the vehicle of choice for many California residents. While riders enjoy a great sense of adventure, they also face serious risks of collisions and injuries. These are some of the most common types of motorcycle accidents.

Left-hand turn accidents

Perhaps the most common types of motorcycle accidents occur when cars make left-hand turns. These account for 42% of all such accidents and are very dangerous for riders. They can happen when a motorcycle attempts to overtake the larger vehicle or while the rider is traveling straight through an intersection.

Lane-switching accidents

Motorcycle accidents can also occur when a car or other larger vehicle merges into the same lane as the rider. In many instances, the motorcycle ends up in the driver’s blind spot. Sometimes, the accident occurs because the driver isn’t paying attention. Either situation can be deadly for a motorcyclist.

Head-on accidents

One of the deadliest types of motorcycle accidents involves head-on collisions with larger vehicles. Even if a driver is traveling at a slower speed, the rider can suffer catastrophic injuries or even be killed. The motorcyclist often ends up thrown from their vehicle and lands on the ground or can even be crushed.

Lane-splitting accidents

Lane-splitting is a common practice among motorcyclists, but it can increase the risk of an accident. It occurs when a rider travels between vehicles in two different lanes. Although it is legal in California, it poses dangers because drivers sometimes fail to see the motorcycle until it is too late. Larger vehicles don’t lane-split, so drivers don’t anticipate it.

Corner-turning accidents

Corners are challenging for motorcyclists to maneuver. They can cause accidents when the rider hits debris or while traveling too quickly. Slowing down and avoiding turning too sharply could prevent these accidents.

Remaining alert while riding your motorcycle may help prevent accidents. Using defensive riding to your advantage can keep you safer.