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What is the most common injury caused by motorcycle accidents?

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2023 | Injuries, Motorcycle Accidents |

Californians who ride motorcycles often say they get a great sense of adventure and freedom from riding. In spite of that, they are at a greater risk of serious injuries from accidents because of the open form of their vehicles. Road rash is the most common injury from motorcycle accidents.

Understanding road rash

Motorcycle accidents often see riders thrown from their bikes. This can lead to motorcyclists sustaining road rash injuries ranging from mild to severe. Road rash involves skin abrasions that occur when a person falls off a motorcycle and their body makes contact with the road. Injuries can be severe when the skin makes direct contact with the pavement and other surfaces or mild when the rider is wearing protective riding gear.

Areas of the body that usually suffer road rash are the arms, face, lower legs, elbows, knees and palms. In mild cases, the injury can be self-treated without medical attention. These cases involve minor scrapes and bleeding.

Second-degree road rash often sees glass, gravel and other debris stuck in the person’s wounds. Medical attention is often necessary to remove the debris. Third-degree is the most serious road rash. Typically, it leaves permanent damage to the skin, carries a higher risk of infection and may even leave muscle and bone exposed. Skin grafting surgery is often necessary for victims who suffer experience this type of road rash.

Preventing motorcycle accidents

You can avoid road rash by minimizing your risk of motorcycle accidents. Use defensive driving to your advantage and wear appropriate riding gear such as a helmet, long pants, boots and jacket. Follow all traffic laws, signs and signals, and travel a safe distance from other vehicles.

Avoid riding under the influence, take a motorcycle safety course, and be alert at all times. Don’t speed while riding and be especially careful riding in inclement weather.