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Car Accidents

What to photograph after a car accident

Read any article or piece of guidance on what you should do after a car accident, and you’ll probably be told that you should – if at all possible – take a lot of photos. Why? Well, photos are worth way more than 1000 words in any car accident case. They provide an...

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Is it safe to drive in your bare feet?

Contrary to popular belief, there’s nothing illegal about driving in your bare feet in California – although it may not necessarily be wise. The soles of your shoes help provide more traction on your brake and gas pedal, and they help you distribute pressure more...

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4 steps to take after an auto accident

An auto accident can happen at any time. It’s estimated that nearly 6 million people experience auto accidents each year. Victims may not always know what to do after they’ve been hit by another vehicle. Here’s what you should know: Check for injuries Drivers and...

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Is it safe to text at a red light?

Texting and driving is illegal, and it’s also dangerous. If you’ve ever tried it, you can quickly tell just how distracted you are. It can be difficult just to check notifications while the car is in motion – let alone actually typing a text message – and anything...

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