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Tips for pedestrian safety

Pedestrians in California might be in growing danger of being injured in a motor vehicle accident. In 2016, pedestrian deaths increased to more than 5,900 from 5,495 in the previous year. Both drivers and pedestrians can take steps to avoid these types of accidents.

Drivers and pedestrians should be aware of each other

Pedestrian fatalities in California have increased by almost 33 percent since 2012, and agencies and community partners are taking steps to keep pedestrians safer. September is Pedestrian Safety Month, and law enforcement is urging drivers and pedestrians to be aware of one another and learn to responsibly share the road.

Distractions often result in road accidents

With pedestrian fatalities from car accidents increasing at a much faster rate than other vehicle-related deaths, California residents might be worried about roadway safety. According to some experts, one reason for the increase might be distraction. What might be surprising to hear is that both drivers and pedestrians are exhibiting distracted behavior that results in accidents.

Pedestrian deaths linked to distraction, marijuana use

The recent alarming rise in pedestrian deaths in California and around the country has been attributed to distraction and cell phone use by many road safety experts. However, a report released on Feb. 28 by the Governors Highway Safety Association suggests that marijuana use may also be contributing to the problem. According to the GHSA, pedestrian fatalities during the first six months of 2017 rose by an average of 16.4 percent in the District of Columbia and the seven states where the recreational use of marijuana is permitted. The road safety group's figures reveal that pedestrian deaths during the same period fell by 5.8 percent on average in the rest of the country.

Three important safety tips for pedestrians

Whether it’s the Art Walk, the vibrant farmer’s market, or the myriad shops and restaurants, Anaheim is one of Orange County’s most walkable cities. Walking is a healthy, environmentally friendly way of getting around town. Unfortunately, when the number of pedestrians in a given area rises, the number of pedestrian-related traffic accidents also tends to follow a parallel upward trajectory.

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