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Think Insurance Companies Are Looking Out For You After An Accident? Think Again

After an accident, one of the first thing that often happens is the parties exchange insurance information. Shortly after this exchange, the insurance companies involved – which includes your insurer along with those of the other drivers – may reach out to you to discuss the accident. You might think that this is a reasonable request, but really, they’re hoping that you say things that negatively impact any potential claims that you may have against them.

At Ibrahim Law Firm, located in Anaheim, we have seen time and time again how insurance companies act when someone is injured in an accident in Southern California. We want you to know that we will stand up for you and handle any discussions with the insurers and their adjusters. Our experienced lawyer will put you in a position to build a strong claim for compensation, and negotiate with insurers to help you recover what you are entitled to receive.

Being Pressured To Settle?

The most common tactic of insurers is to make you an offer for your claim that is far less than your claim is worth. They act concerned and interested in what has happened to you, and they explain why the settlement they are offering you is fair compensation for your injuries, property damage and other expenses related to the crash. What they don’t tell you is that while they seem like they are here to help, in reality, they are more concerned about their bottom line. They want you to make a decision that releases them from future responsibilities and obligations for as little compensation as possible.

You need to know that this also applies to your own insurance company. While you have paid premiums on time over the years, they are also focused on what they can do to minimize their financial responsibilities in the accident. Do not tell them anything until you have had the opportunity to speak to an experienced attorney about your accident claim.

Get Real Guidance For Your Accident Claims

We can help you understand exactly what sort of options you have, and what to expect as your claim moves forward. If you would like to learn more about what we can do to help with your case, contact an experienced personal injury attorney by calling our office at 714-656-2360 or by sending us an email. There are no attorney’s fees unless we are successful with your claim.