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Distractions often result in road accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2018 | Pedestrian Accidents |

With pedestrian fatalities from car accidents increasing at a much faster rate than other vehicle-related deaths, California residents might be worried about roadway safety. According to some experts, one reason for the increase might be distraction. What might be surprising to hear is that both drivers and pedestrians are exhibiting distracted behavior that results in accidents.

Experts point to the increased use of smartphones by both drivers and pedestrians and the distracting information systems in many new vehicles. While the safety focus is usually on driver behavior, pedestrians often cross streets without looking up from their phones. This distracted walking could be a big reason for fatal pedestrian accidents.

However, drivers are responsible for handling a dangerous vehicles. The bigger responsibility, some experts explain, therefore lies with the drivers. It is difficult to prove distracted driving since most people will not admit to it. In some places, high-visibility education campaigns against distracted driving and enforced rules are making a difference. Additionally, newer vehicles are including safety-related changes, such as lower bumpers that hit pedestrians in the legs not in the chest. In the end, however, both drivers and pedestrians must be more careful about their behavior and awareness on the road.

For pedestrians who become victims in car accidents, the option of seeking a personal injury claim is available. In those cases, the pedestrian might obtain representation from a personal injury lawyer who can help them through the process of filing the claim, dealing with insurance companies and going to court if necessary.