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The range of soft tissue injuries

One of the most frequent injuries that car accident victims face is soft tissue damage. Soft tissue includes muscles, ligaments and tendons, all of which can be strained, sprained and even torn through any sudden, uncontrolled movement. Drivers in California will want to know the symptoms of soft tissue injuries.

Some of them can be highly subjective and thus difficult for doctors to diagnose. Furthermore, soft tissue damage cannot be detected by X-ray. The most common symptoms are aches and pain as well as chronic swelling in the affected area. Blunt force trauma could lead to bruises or hematoma. Victims may also report a loss or diminishment of function in their limbs. Since symptoms may not appear until days after an accident, some victims may delay treatment and thus hinder their own healing.

Three important safety tips for pedestrians

Whether it’s the Art Walk, the vibrant farmer’s market, or the myriad shops and restaurants, Anaheim is one of Orange County’s most walkable cities. Walking is a healthy, environmentally friendly way of getting around town. Unfortunately, when the number of pedestrians in a given area rises, the number of pedestrian-related traffic accidents also tends to follow a parallel upward trajectory.

There can be many causes of pedestrian collisions with motor vehicles, including drunk driving, distracted driving and driving in weather conditions where visibility is compromised. Nonetheless, pedestrians can also play a contributing role in an accident. Today we provide a few tips to help keep pedestrians safe on the road:

How can an attorney help you after a car accident?

After you experience a car accident, it is sometimes difficult to know how to navigate the insurance claim process, especially if you suffered injuries in the accident. If you do not deal carefully with insurance companies, law enforcement and medical care providers, you may suffer serious consequences or miss out on important portions of a settlement.

In many instances, it is wise to consult with an attorney to make sure that you have all the tools you need to focus on your own recovery and keep your rights protected while you resolve the matter. An experienced attorney can help in a variety of ways, representing and protecting your interests.

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