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The role of negligence in pedestrian accident cases

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2020 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Pedestrian accidents are serious legal matters. When an individual is involved in a collision with a car they may be physically hurt, emotionally scared, and psychologically confused. As every accident situation is different and will involve its own facts and circumstances, Anaheim residents who are affected by pedestrian-vehicle collisions should seek their own legal support as this post provides information only.

Accidents between pedestrians and vehicles are often caused by negligence. Negligence is an important legal concept that generally recognizes that individuals have duties of care to each other and breaches of those duties can result in injuries and losses. If a person breaches their duty of care to another person and is the cause of that other person’s injuries, then the person may be liable to the victim for damages due to their negligence.

Driving negligence is unfortunately common. While drivers are expected to act reasonably when behind the wheels of their cars, not all drivers make good decisions about how to stay safe. Drivers who speed, break traffic laws, drink or use drugs and drive, allow distractions to affect them, or who fail to ignore traffic conditions may all be considered negligent.

When a driver strikes a pedestrian there are many different injuries that the victim may suffer. While some pedestrian accident victims may only suffer superficial wounds, others may suffer life-threatening harm. Some pedestrian-vehicle accidents result in fatalities.

A pedestrian-vehicle accident can leave a person hurt, worried, and unable to engage with their regular life. Victims in this difficult and scary position can benefit from seeking the support of knowledgeable legal counsel. The personal injury laws of California may differ from those of other jurisdictions, and individuals can seek out attorneys who practice in their jurisdictions.