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Tips to help keep motorcycle riders safe

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

As spring weather approaches, drivers can expect a greater number of motorcyclists to be on the roadways. During that time, it is important for drivers to exercise safety precautions to help keep motorcycle riders safe on California’s roadways.

Motorcycles are generally smaller visual targets and can be more difficult to spot on the roadways which is why it is essential for motorists to remain vigilant and attentive when scanning the roadway for motorcycles. This is especially true when making left-hand turns and changing lanes; drivers should always double check for motorists in their blind spots. The failure to yield the right of way to motorcycles is the most common driving error drivers making when causing motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycles also need to be able to adjust more quickly to changing roadway and travel conditions. Drivers of motor vehicles should never attempt to share a lane with a motorcycle and should increase their following distance when traveling behind a motorcycle to give the motorcyclist the time they need to respond to any roadway or travel changes. Poor roadways surfaces, such as unexpected potholes, and bad weather can be more dangerous for motorcycles and they need space to respond. Motorcycles may also need to adjust by slowing or stopping which is why motorists need to increase their following distance when traveling behind a motorcycle.

Motorcycle accident victims can face serious injuries and damages because of a careless or driver. The nature of a motorcycle makes motorcycle riders more vulnerable to negligent drivers. As a result, personal injury legal remedies can help protect motorcycle riders by helping them with the physical, financial and emotional damages.