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What systems should you regularly check on your truck?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

If you drive a diesel truck in California for long periods, you know how important safety precautions are. But what do you do to avoid a truck accident when one of the systems on your vehicle fails while you are already on the road? 

Unfortunately, even if it may seem like a freak accident at the time, you are responsible for taking care of your vehicle’s maintenance. You can, however, drive with confidence if you go through this diesel truck maintenance checklist before every major trip. 

Brake inspection

The Universal Technical Institute suggests that your checklist for your hydraulic brakes should include the brake booster system, the brake pedal itself, the pressure differential valve and warning light, and all rear brakes and lines. You should also be aware of the thickness and condition of your front brake pads and linings. 

For your air brakes, you will want to ensure the ABS system is fully functional. In addition, you should make sure the trolley valve is in working order. Don’t leave on your trip until you have inspected the air lines and front brake chambers. 

Engine inspection 

You will want to flush your engine’s cooling system, especially when the weather is hot. Make sure there are no leaks and all of the wires are intact. Make sure your power steering hoses are secure and the fluid is topped off. 

You also need to keep track of your oil levels and get your oil changed as often as it is recommended based on the type of oil you use. 

Inspecting tires and wheels 

In addition to checking the air pressure and treads on your tires, you will want to make sure all the nuts are tightened on your wheels. Don’t go on the road until your tires are all at the proper pressure.