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What are some common signs of road rage?

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | Car Accidents |

While navigating tough traffic situations, road rage can often cause drivers to act dangerously and irrationally.

In order to combat this phenomenon, it is important to know several ways to identify symptoms and signs of anger while driving.

Erratic behavior

Some of the most common clues a person is experiencing road rage include breaking suddenly, repeatedly honking the car horn and stepping out of his or her car in order to scream at other drivers.

Every driver should maintain a safe distance away from other cars near them. Anyone who follows too closely may be seeking to run another person off the road, or even cause a crash.

Gestures and angry words

An irritated driver may occasionally swear or gesture, but repeated and explicit threats are often a sign of road rage. People that tailgate or follow others too closely are more likely to be the source of traffic accidents. In order to stay safe, do not return the gesture and focus solely on the road. Make sure to maintain your distance and speed, even if another car is not following the traffic rules.


Driving noticeably faster than the speed limit is dangerous not only for the person doing it but also for anyone behind or in front of him or her. Driving over sidewalks or cutting corners in order to speed is one way of escalating the situation.

Some people may even run red lights or stop signs in order to intimidate other drivers. Taking note of these actions, among other strange behaviors, allows those behind the wheel to learn the signs of road rage.