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What are common signs of a concussion?

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2021 | Car Accidents |

A swift and violent blow to the head during a car accident can leave you feeling confused and in pain.

Knowing the signs of a concussion can help you seek medical attention or prevent a worse injury.

Trouble with your senses

According to the Mayo Clinic, many people experience blurred vision or a ringing noise in their ears after an accident. These signs can be from head trauma, which influences how your five senses operate. A change in how you taste and smell certain foods also may be a complication from a concussion. Headaches are especially common after an accident.

Forgetfulness and confusion

After a head injury, you may notice yourself forgetting basic ideas while speaking to other people. You may also ask the same question over and over, but not remember the answer. This confusion and haziness can stem directly from a concussion, which leaves you feeling dazed and unfocused.

Severe situations may leave you unable to recognize other people or places, which leads to an agitated state. Your emotions can vary wildly, from irritation to sadness, while dealing with head trauma. Slurred speech also is a sign of a head injury after a car accident. If you struggle to notice these signs, take note of what people around you say about how you are acting. This feedback may help you realize the extent of the injury.

Lack of coordination

Feeling faint or stumbling around can be another indication you experienced head trauma. Your arms and legs may feel weak or especially uncoordinated in the time after an accident. Concussion symptoms tend to worsen over time, which means these symptoms may not be particularly noticeable until days or weeks after a car crash.