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Accidents and uninsured drivers

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Although motor vehicle accidents happen each year, 1 in 8 people remains uninsured. The need for driving in California can put you and your family at risk. If you get into an accident, and the person who caused it doesn’t have insurance, in many cases, he or she will lack the finances to pay for your damages. For this reason, the insurance you have is better when it offers coverage against drivers who have none. Here’s how uninsured insurance works.

Coverage for property damages

Liability coverage protects you from directly paying for another person’s damages in a motor vehicle accident. This coverage works in cases in which you caused the accident, or someone else caused the accident. Uninsured coverage, likewise, ensures that the repairs you need for damages to your car are covered by your insurer. The type of property damages covered by an uninsured driver who was clearly at fault include:

• Damage to personal property, like a bicycle

• Repair or renovation needs requiring to fix real estate

• Any direct damage is done to your vehicle

• Defects received from hit-and-run accidents

Coverage for personal injuries

Being injured in a motor vehicle accident results in an investigation to find out whose fault it was. Your insurance premiums could increase if you don’t successfully prove your innocence. Using uninsured coverage gives you the right to avoid financial liability when others caused the crash you were in. Uninsured coverage accounts for the medical expenses you incurred from injuries you sustained. Some of the conditions covered under uninsured injuries include:

• Wages you lost when being unable to work

• Hospital bills and any ongoing care afterward

• The need for a home nurse

• Babysitters or house cleaners you hire

Protecting yourself against the uninsured

Motor vehicle accidents must be examined by a legal court before a final verdict is given regarding your liability. In cases in which you are the victim, however, your liability is taken up by your insurer or the other vehicle owner’s insurance. Applying for uninsured coverage is necessary when you are the only one with insurance.