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Are male drivers more easily distracted when behind the wheel?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Distracted driving has become a serious problem on California roads, and many motorists, unfortunately, have tragic car accidents when their mind drifts. There are several factors that contribute to distracted driving, and even someone who considers themselves to be a safe driver could lose their concentration.

Fatal collisions and male drivers

In particular, statistics show that men have a higher risk than women of experiencing a car accident. The driver’s education organization Zuboti reviewed data and statistics, from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about vehicle collisions — in particular, data associated specifically with driver fatalities. After reviewing 3,000 fatalities from 2020, Zuboti noted that male drivers were involved in 75% of those car accidents.

Knowing the reasons and behaviors for drivers having distracted accidents is valuable information for everyone. Many drivers understand that smartphone use and texting are dangerous, which is most likely why only 13% of distracted-driving accidents involve phones, yet drivers should not use their phones at all while driving.

Many drivers engage in conversations with passengers or eat while driving. Others may comb their hair or maybe fix their outfits. Such mundane actions could cause enough cognitive, visual and manual distraction to lower driver attention. A car accident can follow when the driver’s attention isn’t where it belongs, even for less than one minute.

Liabilities and distracted driving

A deadly accident may result from being unaware of road conditions or surroundings. A distracted driver might not see a pedestrian in a crosswalk or a cyclist in a bike lane. Those who cause distracted-driving car crashes might then face legal consequences.

Distracted driving could compound negligent behavior, as the driver might not know the speed limit and thus gradually drive faster. Or, one may not see a stop sign and drive through an intersection without stopping. Such negligent behaviors could cause a car accident, resulting in a lawsuit.