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A broken sternum is a risk after motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Many motorcyclists enjoy taking to the California roads. While riders and drivers of passenger vehicles and trucks generally share the road safely, there is a constant lingering danger of a collision. Recognizing the types of injuries that riders can suffer is critical to avoiding them and knowing what to do after an accident has occurred.

A broken sternum can have long-term ramifications

There are injuries that people will automatically think about after a motorcycle accident including broken bones, cuts, bruises and severe scrapes. All are common. However, despite a broken sternum not immediately coming to mind, it can be quite severe.

It is often difficult to recognize a broken sternum. This could be the issue for those who are experiencing pain when they breathe, cough or laugh. Generally, the treatment is rest. Still, the recovery time can be extensive with many needing more than two months to heal.

Some might need to have surgery which could make the recovery time last longer. In addition to the pain, there could be underlying problems such as heart and lung damage. A chest impact puts people at risk of a broken sternum. In motorcycle crashes, a vehicle cutting in front of a rider and the rider’s chest crashing into the front of the bike or the automobile can lead to this injury.

The course to take

A broken sternum is not as obvious an injury as other types of injuries people might face after a motorcycle accident, but that does not make it any less problematic. It can lead to hospitalization, major medical costs and lost time at work. It is essential to recognize the injury, treat it and know the options to pursue a claim for all of the damages that have been sustained.