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How are cities trying to reduce auto-pedestrian fatalities?

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2023 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Accidents involving pedestrians and cars are on the rise, and California is no exception to this disturbing trend. One of the ways many cities have tried to reduce accidents like these is by banning right turns on red.

Why are right-on-red bans controversial?

Major cities, such as Los Angeles, are among those that have considered banning right turns on red. Supporters cite drivers being busy and distracted as reasons to consider these bans.

However, driver advocacy organizations have been skeptical of the efficiency of these bans. A statistic often cited by those who oppose right-turn-on-red bans claims that fatalities involving cars and pedestrians in California happen at a rate of one every two years.

Why is turning right on red usually allowed?

During the energy crisis in the 1970s, cities that prohibited right turns on red were at risk of losing federal funding. Many now question the practicality of such policies since the energy crisis is now behind us.

The Governors Highway Safety Association cited an increase in the number of pickup trucks and SUVs for the rise in the number of fatalities involving right-hand turns. Increased force and bigger blind spots cause pedestrian accidents that result in fatalities.

How Severe Are Most Pedestrian Accidents?

An important thing to remember is that pedestrians involved in such accidents have no protection. Injuries are often severe enough to result in death or severe injury that results in disability.

In many cases, these accidents happen in areas with high pedestrian traffic. Drivers in such areas are often distracted and may opt to refrain from yielding when they see pedestrians.

Seeking help after you or a family member suffers injuries in an auto-pedestrian accident is essential. Getting the assistance you deserve is vital for the best outcomes.