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4 steps to take after an auto accident

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2024 | Car Accidents |

An auto accident can happen at any time. It’s estimated that nearly 6 million people experience auto accidents each year.

Victims may not always know what to do after they’ve been hit by another vehicle. Here’s what you should know:

Check for injuries

Drivers and passengers should check to see if they are injured. If someone is unconscious or suffering from a severe injury, then it may be necessary to keep them still until help arrives. Victims should consider getting a medical examination even if they don’t believe they were seriously hurt. A medical report could be necessary when seeking compensation if it appears that a victim was unknowingly hurt.

Call the police

It’s important to alert the authorities after an accident. The police will come to the accident to make an accident report, which will be used for an insurance claim. If the police are not called and a driver leaves the scene of an accident where someone was severely injured, then there could be severe fines and penalties.

Move the car off the road

A car accident could block traffic, which could lead to more vehicle collisions. It can help to move a vehicle off the road or to a side lane until further assistance arrives. If the vehicle can’t move or if it’s believed that moving the car would endanger others, then the vehicle should stay where it is.

Understand your legal options

Many victims can get compensation after an auto accident for their injuries and losses. However, it’s not always easy. Victims may need to learn about their legal rights before they agree to a compensation offer.