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Answering Questions Regarding Accident Claims

What does the Ibrahim Law Firm offer to clients that other law firms don’t, after a serious motor vehicle accident?

Most law firms help with the accident itself. We do that, certainly, but we dig deeper. We address property damage during our investigations, and we see to it that clients receive appropriate medical care so they can get better and return to their jobs, to continue to provide for their families.

What if the first offer I receive from an insurance company looks fair to me, after injuries in a car or truck accident?

That first offer may look fair, but it’s not. Insurance companies are slaves to their financial bottom lines — not your legal, health or financial needs. Even if the motorist who hit you was a hit-and-run driver, we go beyond appealing to your own insurer. In short, we do everything we can, exploring every avenue, to put your mind at rest and return your life to normal.

How do you defend my interests against a distracted driver or drunk driver, of which there are many in California?

Our attorneys can demand to examine the contents of a negligent driver’s mobile phone, to detect if it was being used at the moment of your crash. We carefully inspect police reports about any role that alcohol may have played in the accident that seriously injured you or killed a loved one.

What happens if an insurer is uncooperative with your efforts to reach a settlement on my behalf?

No question, our lawyers are willing to go to court. We don’t litigate frivolously. We litigate with a purpose. That goal is to level the playing field for you, to even the score after a wrong done to you on a California surface street or highway, as a driver, bicyclist or pedestrian. And we don’t rest until we’ve won.

What does “contingency fee” mean?

It’s our law firm’s policy for dealing with personal injury clients. It frees them from responsibility for legal fees unless we win their cases. No recovery, no fee. Simple as that.

How do I reach you in Anaheim in order to schedule an initial consultation?

That important first meeting with us is absolutely free, by the way, and can be arranged by phone at 714-656-2360 or by email from our website.